Client Testimonials
" Carolyn, I just cannot express into words how grateful I am to you for finding me and awakening me from a spiritual deep sleep.

My whole life has changed toward the positive and it is your love and light that made me start the journey.  That love has always nudged this reluctant traveler down the road to change, and made me see that no matter what life dishes out, good or bad, that if one is true to ones self you can find a way to work through it and learn from it. 

You're my Angel and I send you great love and light with a HUGE THANK YOU!! "

                                                                                                          Joanne H.

“Dearest Carolyn,

Thank you so much for another great year of your teachings and wisdom; I have learned so much!! 

Joining the “Spirit Circle,” and having the opportunity to send out the Light to the World with all of you, has been an inspiration to me on my life's path. 

Thank you again, Carolyn, for all you do.”

                                                                                                          Leah K.
"After some troubling times in my life, I consulted Carolyn Paige and she suggested  that I build an altar.  I had taken several classes from her, and she had always been amazingly helpful and right on with her assessment of the situation.  We talked about the history of altars which were used for worship for thousands of years. 

I was totally fascinated by the whole thing, so she did a reading for me, and recommended items that might be used for my altar based on what she meditated on.  I had so much fun searching for the items for my altar, and once it was put together Carolyn came and blessed it, and I have been using it every day since, and it has been THE most significant thing I have ever done for myself.  Having Carolyn guide me to create my altar has changed my life.  She is truly AMAZING!"

                                                                                                          Julie P.
“Dear Carolyn,

I feel so light today, energetic, happy and calm.  You are a wonderful person, you have so much warmth and knowledge.  Thank you for enlightening me.  

You are a very special person with wonderful and amazing talent.  God definitely gave you this to share with others.  I can't wait to see you again.”

                                                                                                          Jeannette G.
M. Sc., CHt.   RMT
"You have given me the tools to change my life, and that is the greatest gift a person can give.  Thank you with all my Heart... Thank you with all my Soul !"

                                                                                                         Tamara P.
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"Hi Carolyn,

I have been receiving an abundance of love from the universe and my angels.  
The feeling has been so overwhelming that it brought me to tears on and off today.  At first I couldn't believe it was happening all for me.  What a beautiful experience.  I said several prayers of thanks today.  An angel even left a blue lace agate crystal on my bed.  There were other things they did for me as well that totally made my day.  This is INCREDIBLE!  I don't think I have this been this happy EVER !"

                                                                                                          Susi G.

"My Dear Carolyn,

     I just had to write and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help.  Starting on the very first day I met you, you have changed my life in such a wonderful way.

     Thanks to you, instead of gloom, doom and fear about the future, I now have hope for a bright, happy and busy one.  You are truly a miracle worker.  I am also so grateful to the heavenly angels that must have guided me to you, just when I needed you the most.

     Carolyn, you will always be my very own special angel on earth.  God bless you for all you have done for me and for all the light and love you bring into this world.  So Lucky to know you!!"

                                                                                                        Fannie Flagg