Reiki Healing Treatments for Animals:  As a certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Carolyn uses the powerful healing modality of Reiki energy to help assist the animal kingdom in their own individual healings. Reiki energy healing can be given to any type of animal and will not interfere with any pre-prescribed western medicine routine. It is a complementary healing system that utilizes Divine life force energy to assist your animal in all areas of healing including: behavioral issues such as nervousness or hyperactivity; emotional problems & stress due to a traumatic situation such as abuse, neglect, or being hit by a car; sickness and/or injury. If your pet is preparing to transition, Reiki can help bring peace and comfort to you and your pet during this difficult time. Reiki helps them to relax so they are not afraid, nor continue to struggle, to stay here with us in the physical world. 

Trans-Scalar Energy Healings for Animals:  Developed by Clinical Hypnotherapist & Author, Howard Batie, Mh.D., Trans-Scalar Energy Healing is an advanced energetic healing technique that combines into a single, unified process the significant aspects of several other energy healing modalities currently in use, as well as several individual healing processes that have been channeled by higher spiritual sources. During a Trans-Scalar Energy Healing, the healing work is done while the healing practitioner is in a spiritual state or dimension of awareness that allows him or her to consciously call on and directly work with higher spiritual beings, including Angels, Archangels and the One Infinite Creator of 
All That Is. This technique can be done either in person with the animal, or remotely. 

Hypnosis & Crystal Healing for Animals:  As Dr. Bernie Siegel, M.D. once stated, “All healings begin in the mind,” and this statement is no different when it comes to the animal kingdom. Animals have their own life paths, their own Divine assignments; and just like humans, they too encounter obstacles, issues, stress, and illnesses that they must deal with along their life’s journey. As a certified Hypnotherapist & Crystal Healer, Carolyn uses the powerful combination of these two healing modalities to help assist your animal in their own healing, and as with Reiki, both of these modalities are complementary to 
pre-prescribed western medicine routines. Hypnosis & Crystal Healing are also a very powerful way to assist animals preparing for their transition. 

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