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The "Spiritual Journeys" Program
A personal program for accelerated spiritual development and experiential exploration developed by Clinical Hypnotherapist Howard Batie, Mh.D.  These individual sessions are designed to 
use self-hypnosis to quickly bring you into a highly altered state 
of awareness, where you will learn to use several new abilities not normally available to you.  Since the program is tailored for each individual, each class is taught in a one-on-one format, rather than to a group.  
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(Journeys 1-3 Must Be Taken In Order First)

Journey 1 ~ Learn Self-Hypnosis(3 Hours - Can be split into 2 sessions) 
You'll be taught how to place yourself into a deep state of hypnotic relaxation (Somnambulism), and how to completely emerge yourself from this state of hypnosis without assistance.  This is the starting place for all your Spiritual Journeys, so it's important that you learn how to quickly and easily place yourself in this state and emerge yourself when you're through.  The deep feeling of relaxation you'll experience here is a good way to "recharge your batteries" whenever you need -- you can easily take 30 seconds, five minutes, or whatever period you feel you need to rejuvenate and energize yourself easily and quickly.  Also, if you have trouble sleeping at night, you'll be taught how to easily and very effectively relax both your body and your mind, drift peacefully asleep, and then awaken in the morning fully refreshed after a good night's sleep.  This deep state is also a very good place from which to begin your daily meditations, and you can reach the deeply meditative state within seconds using self-hypnosis.  Includes a free "Self-Hypnosis Deepening CD" that you'll use once a day for at least a week to powerfully reinforce the suggestions that allow you to achieve a very, very deep and peaceful state of hypnotic relaxation.

Journey 2 ~ Accessing the Spiritual Realms: (2 Hours) 
Learn how to expand and raise your awareness up into your own Higher Consciousness, and how to return safely to awareness of your physical self. You'll be taught how to let your physical body and your conscious mind become safely protected in deep relaxation, allowing your higher awareness and consciousness to separate and rise freely into your Special Area in the higher dimensions.  There you'll feel all the love, light, happiness and joy in this "heaven" where only positive feelings and beings are allowed.  You'll become familiar with how to locate and use your Spiritual Mirror that clearly shows you your true reflection and appearance here in these higher spiritual dimensions, and also how to become familiar with your own spiritual vibration or "name" here in the higher dimensions.  Includes a free "Higher Self Practice CD" that you'll use once a day for at least a week to powerfully reinforce the suggestions that allow you to easily and quickly move into an extremely high state of spiritual awareness.

Journey 3 ~ Meet Your Higher Self and Spirit Guide(1 Hour) 
You will be shown how to meet your own Guide, learn his or her name, their appearance here in the spiritual world, and learn how to receive valuable information from them that will aid your own spiritual growth.  You'll be able to ask your Guide any question you like and, if it is appropriate for you to know the answers, you will immediately be given it.  You'll also be able to consciously remember all the information you receive from your Guide, and you'll also be taught how to return to your Special Area in the higher dimensions by yourself and call on your Guide anytime you want.

Additional Spiritual Development Journeys ~ About 1 hour each:
(Journeys 4 - 7, may be taken in any order following Journey 3)

Journey 4 ~ Temple of Healing Learn how to locate your Temple of Healing in the higher dimensions and call on your Spiritual Doctors and Angelic helpers for healing energies. You'll learn how to conduct a true spiritual healing for yourself and, with their permission, someone else who is not in your physical presence -- they may be anywhere at all in the world. When your conscious awareness is in the altered state, there is complete freedom from the limitations of space and time, which are characteristics only of the physical world in the
third dimension.

Journey 5 ~ Hall of Records:  Learn how to read your own Akashic Records (Past Life Records).  Receive firsthand conscious knowledge of your previous physical existences without having to rely on the abilities (and the accompanying personality filters) of a psychic -- you'll be taught how to become your own best psychic!  In this Journey, you'll learn how to locate your Hall of Records, where the Record of everyone who has lived on this Earth is
stored.  You'll meet your Record Keeper, and request your own Book of Life, your own Akashic Record of every lifetime you've experienced, every act or deed you've done, every thought in your mind and every word spoken throughout all your lifetimes, all permanently engraved onto the skein of time.   As you learn to "read" the different pages of your own Book of Life, you'll begin to see how certain patterns developed and may be continuing to affect your lifetime today in a negative way.  Armed with this knowledge, you're then better prepared to select the appropriate regression therapy and therapist to correct or eliminate these negative patterns and replace them with positive patterns and energies.  Also, you can ask your Record Keeper for the record of someone else, but only if you have both their conscious permission and their Higher Self's permission, and if it would be in the highest and best good of both of you to do so.

Journey 6 ~ The Library:  Learn how to receive accurate and useful information on any subject or topic whatever.  The information available here in your Library is all knowledge from the foundations of the universes and before that is not contained in the personal Books of Life in the Hall of Records.  All this wisdom and knowledge is available to you here through the interconnection of all minds and the spiritual connection of all minds to our
Creator -- the Silver Cord that securely tethers each spiritual individual to all others, and to our Source.  We have been promised, "Ask and ye shall receive."  And if our minds are ready to receive the information requested, and if that information will assist us in our spiritual growth, the promise will be fulfilled.  However, along with knowledge comes responsibility. We must also be ready to accept the responsibility of using that knowledge for our own growth, and for the spiritual growth of others as appropriate.  You're not going to get next week's Lottery numbers!

Journey 7 ~ Hall of Transformation: - Within a special area of our Higher Consciousness, there is a special place where an eternal Violet Flame of Transformation can be called upon to burn forever.  This Violet Flame is capable of transmuting and transforming all negative energies into the Light. In this Journey, you'll learn how to remove and transform all negative energies in yourself using the Violet Flame.  You'll be instructed in how to consciously ignite the Violet Flame within your own Hall of Transformation, and be told  how to provide this Violet Flame of Transformation to others.  A free Violet Flame Meditation is provided on a CD to lead you through an exciting and empowering guided visualization that brings transformational energies to yourself, to others, to Mother Earth, and to all of Creation.  It is very powerful when practiced during your daily meditations; however, its effectiveness is enhanced many-fold when done by a group of meditators who have been
trained like yourself to ascend into the higher spiritual dimensions of the mind.
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